Sunday, January 30, 2011

rainbow cupcakes


(first off, sorry about the craptastic pics)

You've probably seen some sort of layered rainbow cake/cupcake concoction lately, right? It's all the rage! I was in charge of making some cupcakes for a church event, so I decided these would be a great treat.

Well, they were....but I'm never making them ever. again.

It was just way too hard to get the layers of cake to look right, and to completely cover the previous color. This cupcake was one of the few cupcakes who's top didn't look like a tie dye shirt. lol. I used this technique for the cupcakes.

I did try this cupcake frosting for the first time, and though it didn't come out perfectly, it was DELICIOUS. ooh yum! I can't wait to try it again (and again, and again, if necessary) and get it right.

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